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Make your website SSL Certified

SSL Is Now a Requirement for All Websites, Are You Compliant? As of July 24, 2018, the newest update in the Google Chrome browser, Chrome 68, started displaying a “Not …

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VND talks about Server Hosting with the San Antonio Business Journal

VND Co-Founders Manuel and Javier Oblitas were talking about our “server hosting” operations with the San Antonio Business Journal this past week. VND currently hosts servers for clients such as …

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computer and open lock image

Beware of a KRACK Attack

Dutch researchers have discovered a major vulnerability in the WPA2 wireless security protocol putting your sensitive information risk of being stolen.   On Monday, Oct. 10, 2017, it was released …

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How to Get the Best Wi-Fi Signal

  More than likely you have set up your Wi-Fi and are pretty content with it. But, we very well know how sometimes your laptop or phone can be one-loading-wheel …

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Turbo Mach Drone Technologies

Announcing Turbo Mach Drone’s New Website!

VND is happy to announce the release of a new website for Turbo Mach Drone Technologies!   Turbo Mach is a division of VT San Antonio Aerospace Inc., a maintenance, …

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How to Create a Mobile App

The app market has been exploding for years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Thanks to a technology-loving culture, the future is bright for technology and mobile app …

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From Commodore 64 to Mobile App Development

Most people don’t know Javier and I started coding for fun in assembly language on the Commodore 64 back in 1988 at age 12 and 13. Well, times have definitely changed. Over the …

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Why Most Apps Are Doomed To Fail

San Antonio Mobile Application Development If you’re on the hunt for a San Antonio mobile application development company, you may want to stop and consider a few questions. Has the …

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What Kind of HoloLens Apps Can We Expect?

Microsoft’s augmented reality development, the HoloLens, is an absolute must-see for 2016. This interactive headset projects holograms over the physical world, allowing for the user to experience and interact with …

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What is VPS Hosting?

What Is VPS Hosting and Who Needs It? Do you want the advantages of a dedicated server without the high cost? A virtual private server, or VPS hosting, is your …

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