Apple II. Macintosh. iPod. In the last 40 years, Apple has spearheaded the world of tech consumables, with some of their products inspiring hundreds of other similar devices and creating new markets. One of these markets, created after the iTunes app store opened, has exploded into a multi-billion dollar microeconomy. In the last 7 years since the iTunes app store first launched, we have seen countless apps make their way into our everyday life, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. The world of iOS app development is an exclusive one. Apple requires all of their developers to sign up for a yearly development membership. All submitted applications are put under an in-depth review to ensure that all apps in the iTunes store are up to par with Apple’s mission of quality and customer-centric products. Other requirements include being able to use only an Apple computer for app development, and only one program, Xcode, to write and publish these apps. If that weren’t exclusive enough, Apple also created their own proprietary language, Objective-C, to ensure app developers would all start from the same point, and the field would be equal to both new and veteran programmers alike. At VND, we quickly realized the potential of this new market, as half a billion iPhones have been sold and more than 60 million apps have been downloaded in less than 10 years. Our developers have undergone strict training with the Apple standard and the tricky language that is Objective-C. We’ve also begun to research Apple’s next big language—Swift. With some client apps like Intocable and FriedrichLink, we’ve come to understand the many obstacles and surprises that come with developing for Apple. Come to us with your idea and we’ll provide the resources you need to create an app that may become the next household name. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise company, rely on VND to create custom iOS applications for you. View Projects
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