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Content is Still King

This is our mantra at VND, particularly because content is one of the foundations of an effective marketing strategy. Good content affects SEO, your online reputation, as well as user engagement. The Internet is a place where virtually anyone can post content, so well-written, authoritative, engaging content is hard to come by. Quality content is more likely to not only be indexed by search engines and found by customers, but also linked to by others who are interested in your field.

What are the Elements of Good Content?

Creating good content is something every marketer and business owner should strive for, but this is often easier said than done. Our clients frequently ask us what makes a piece of content “high quality.” The truth is there are a multitude of factors that determine whether your blog article is high quality. These are just some of the many factors you should consider when crafting your content.

    • Length– You can’t simply pump out a couple sentences and slap it on a page and call it a day. That’s not going to be enough to engage users, which is ultimately the goal. Additionally, pages with thin content can create issues for your site. We recommend a well-thought out article of at least 300 words.
    • Informational– Your content should contain answers to the questions your readers are asking and even some answers to questions they don’t know to ask. You’ll want to address the who, what, when, where, why, and how throughout your article as well as include references to other relevant sources. Also include applicable data, quotes, and images.
    • Visual– Every article should include several optimized images, ideally some that are relevant to the topic. These images can be screenshots, infographics, behind-the-scenes photos, etc. The goal of these images should be to provide further insight into the topic at hand.
    • Relevant– Your content should be relevant to your industry. It won’t benefit your website much if your content is completely unrelated.
    • Timely– Content that discusses hot topics or capitalizes on trending discussions will have a better chance of engaging users. You shouldn’t write about old news unless you can put a current spin on it.
    • Digestible– Your content should be easily scanned. Use bullets, bold headings, and images to break up the text. Keep paragraphs short and don’t overwhelm your readers with dense blocks of text.
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