Many of VND’s clients require robust, interactive, or routine maintenance software. VND offers a wide range of Windows PC and Server application solutions. From recurring billing and website crawling to data crunching and site-to-site interfaces, VND provides solutions for virtually any of your Windows application and service needs. Past solutions have included: • Website crawling – scraping data and storing in an extremely large third-party website with data that could only be acquisitioned through a web browser. • Guided browsing – blasting advertising, marketing, and ad data to websites without APIs that must have data entered through a browser. • Recurring billing – Some web solutions don’t include payment gateways with automatic billing. VND has created applications or services to automatically bill customers at regular intervals. • Website interfacing – Some websites require off-site interfacing to exchange data. VND has developed service applications to aid in such interfacing. • Data Exchange – VND has clients that require the exchange of very large data sets among multiple systems or websites. Other web solutions aren’t generally viable for such large data, so VND developed solutions to exchange these data sets off-site. View Projects
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