Linux is an open-source operating system that can be found on all kinds of devices, with a pretty solid dominance in the web server world. It’s easier to secure and is constantly being updated by a worldwide community of developers. It’s free in two senses: free to use and free of patents and other restrictions. It’s extremely flexible and can be used on a variety of devices due to its portability. Android, the most wide-spread mobile operating system, is based on the Linux kernel. Apple’s OS X operating system is derived from a version of Unix, a precursor to Linux that is still widely used in different variations for the same reasons Linux is widely used. A large majority of embedded devices use Linux. It’s been installed on video game consoles and vehicles, powers the Large Hadron Collider and the International Space Station, and manages traffic control systems. The Nest thermostat, smart refrigerators, self-driving cars, smart rifles, and even robotic milking systems for cows all use Linux. Over 96 percent of the world’s supercomputers run it.  

Why do we use Linux?

  • It’s open source, meaning programmers can easily create custom coding.
  • It is less susceptible to viruses.
  • It has less bugs than other operating systems.
  • It can run simultaneously with another operating system, like Windows.
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