SMS Marketing (otherwise known as text message marketing) can be an efficient, effective and yet somewhat costly strategy. This is why we created LiveComm to help you fully utilize this marketing strategy without breaking the bank.

What is LiveComm? How Does it Work?

LiveComm is a system that allows you to send out mass text messages to your customers and potential customers. We allow registered users to purchase LiveComm numbers that they can then set up with a message (voice recording or text converted to speech). When people call that number, they will hear the message. The call automatically hangs up once the message has finished. The caller’s number is recorded in the call log. Later the LiveComm user can send messages to these contacts. LiveComm reaches your customers where they are: on mobile. VND embraces mass communication technologies and applications that reach customers where they want to be reached. LiveComm servers take care of everything, meaning that you won’t deplete your own data plan by using their app. They specialize in sending to large groups, so you don’t have to worry about glitchy systems or contact limits. LiveComm offers call history importing and contact importing to keep your marketing list fresh.