Anthony Nunez, MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon, and Harry Rowland, PhD, a mechanical engineer, met in February 2007. They were inspired to start the company after witnessing family members suffer from heart failure (HF). They realized they were uniquely qualified to invent a more effective solution to improve the quality of life for HF sufferers, their loved ones, and caregivers. Harry assembled a core team, including Olivia Nichols and Michael Nagy, to develop the technology, and together they have built the company over the past decade.


VND created two websites for Endotronix, a public website, and an internal “intranet” website only accessible by the center’s staff. The public website contains information for the public about Endotronix, their staff, as well as, the services offered, while the intranet provides secure access to private content for staff use. ENdotronix’s website has a new and modern look. Their website responsive can adjust to any screen. User interfaces were upgraded, the content layout was improved, and SEO was revised and improved to increase site performance

  • Integrated their website into a WordPress site (WordPress CMS)
  • WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Implementation was implemented to allow people with
    impairments to browse the website
  • A mobile responsive website design was implemented to adapt to any device screen
  • Installed new plugins to improve user interfaces
  • Content layout improvement
  • Provided a full migration to a HIPAA compliant private cloud hosted at the VND
    data center in San Antonio, Texas. The site was built to grow on a clustered hosting
    environment, able to support the high traffic demand


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