DREAMer’s Roadmap App

DREAMer's Roadmap


DREAMer’s Roadmap is a mobile app designed to help DREAMer’s -undocumented students- find and track scholarship opportunities available for them across the nation. The app will also work as a crowd sourcing platform where anyone can suggest a scholarship they know about that are not on our data base. DREAMers Roadmap will also be a great resource for educators, making it easy to share our information via email and social media with their students.


Only 2/10 undocumented students are in school. Undocumented youth are almost four times more likely to not complete high school. Nearly ⅓ of undocumented youth, as opposed to nearly ⅔ of other youth, have some college education. Many do not know that they can pursue higher education: whether that is from lack of resources to be ready for the application process, disempowerment and discrimination in their schooling experience, or simply because they do not see themselves excelling in that area and decide to take front-line jobs to sustain themselves and/or their families. Our tool will equip DREAMers to realize their full potential and path to college.


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