Vote VND in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

VND entered the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest for the chance to win up to $25,000, but we need YOUR help! Please vote for Visual Net Design (once per day) until November 24th when voting ends. Below is our story, why we should win the small business grant and how we would invest the $25,000 in our business.

Brothers, Manuel & Javier Oblitas grew up in Peru but moved to the USA in 1995. They became fascinated with electronics, gaming systems & computers. They took apart these items “for fun” to see if they could put them back together. In 1999, the brothers started freelancing website development & database programming. Then, Manuel and Javier formed Visual Net Design (VND) in 2002. What started as a two man team has turned into a firm that employs close to 20 employees over the course of 10 years.

VND deserves to win the small business grant from FedEx because we are looking to broaden the accessability of our knowledge and passion of technology to more businesses and entreprenuers around us. There are many things waiting to be developed and discovered that given the proper resources we could wholeheartedly take on. It’s exciting and it’s our passion – it’s why we are in business.

VND would invest the money in 3 ways. 1. Hire new talented people who share our passion for technology to help us move forward in our goal. 2. Purchase new equipment (software, servers, etc.) to keep us on the right track. 3. We will use a portion of the money on teambuilding and keeping our team happy. Happy people = motivated/productive people. Our end goal is quite simple: to provide the best forward moving technology services with the happiest people on Earth running the show behind it.

Take a look at our FedEx profile HERE and vote today!

Thanks in advance! We wouldn’t be where we are today without your support throughout the years.

Winners will be announced in January of 2013. We will keep you updated!

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