Call Alert App

Call Alert


Never miss an urgent phone call again with Call Alert!

Think about all the times you really needed someone to answer their phone when you called them, but they were busy, and that person said “Oh, I’ll call them when I’m done with this in 10 minutes.” What if you didn’t have 10 minutes though? What if it was urgent you speak to that person right away?

This app can help those in need, especially those who:

  • Are suicidal
  • Struggle with addiction
  • Are very busy and never answer their phone
  • May need urgent assistance


We have all experienced the issue this app will resolve in some sense, some more extreme than others, but needless to say we have all experienced it.

What if you’re at the hospital with a loved one and they suddenly need to go into surgery and you need to reach another family member so they can say they love them one last time? What if you have a friend that is suicidal and they try reaching out to you because they need you to talk them out of it? Are you someones life coach helping them with an addiction? Imagine how effective this app can be in those situations.

Call Alert allows you to:

  •  Receive special identifiable urgent calls
  •  Make special identifiable urgent calls
  •  Select who can call you urgent


By installing Call Alert, not only are you giving yourself the luxury of knowing your urgent calls will be noticed, but you are also allowing yourself to be there for someone when they need you. This app may not save every life, or prevent every tragedy from happening, but it is a tool that even if it saves 1 life, was worth its creation.

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