DateMarq is a personalized event discovery application. Other calendars could work well for events, schedules and deadlines that you KNOW about. DateMarq is different because it will send you invites for events, schedules and deadlines that could be important and/or entertaining, BUT are unknown/forgotten.

VND worked with DateMarq to get their app of the ground!


DateMarq required an app with the features of an outstanding time management system, but also with some more unique elements:

  • Suggested events lists and event creation
  • Automatic invites to new events that you care about
  • Membership portal


Available on Android devices, DateMarq has a 5-Star rating on Google Play.

Kim Langham Group Realty

real estate website


Most real estate agents have individual pages on broker websites such as Re/Max or Phyllis Browning where they have to compete with other individual agents for viewership and potential clients.

Kim Langham was in a similar position and only had a few listings hosted on the KellerWilliams website. Her agent profile appeared alongside hundreds of other agents and did very little to attract customers. She wanted to do something different, so she came to us to help her build her own realty website.


Because VND is an official data provider of IDX services serving Real Estate MLS property data, we were able to build Kim a custom plugin that easily installs on the website and shows property listings. Her site has the following features:

  • An integrated home search
  • Selected communities page
  • WordPress CMS (to login and update the site content and add blogs)
  • Blog, areas of expertise
  • Information about the city
  • Mobile optimization
  • IDX integration to show the agent’s properties as featured on the homepage
  • Site ownership: site is owned by the agent. This means even if the agent moves, they can install and host it anywhere. It’s not a leased site.


Kim now showcases and promotes her realty business on her own website, giving her a unique advantage over her competitors.

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