What’s Cooking at VND? An App for the RMA of Texas

VND has some exciting new projects coming in soon! We’re excited to show off the great work of our team and, of course, to show off the fantastic services by our clients. One of the projects we’re looking forward to is for the RMA of Texas.

Got an App in the Oven

Right now we’re creating a high-end app for the RMA (Reproductive Medicine Associates) of Texas. The company contacted VND to create an app to serve the needs of RMA’s clientele. RMA specializes in IVF, IUI, and ICSI treatments with their reproductive endocrinologists. They needed an app that empowered their patients to track and monitor their reproductive choices. 

VND created an app for RMA that includes features such as a planning calendar, IVF journal, education, and more. Best of all, users can enable push notifications from the app to set reminders for appointments and reproductive planning. Curious for a sneak peek? Check out these screenshots:



We’re excited to be developing this app for our great client and all of their patients. Stay tuned for an update when the app goes live! 


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