What to Expect From Your “Web Guys”


Working in the web design and hosting industry, it seems that we run into several different businesses that view our industry in one of two ways:

1. A Necessary Evil  – A lot of businesses view our world as one they don’t really understand nor care for, but rather something that they need because “everyone is on the Internet.” A common misconception of this school of thought is that they just need a website and it will bring in more business, therefore the website should be “purely informational” and “nothing fancy.”

2. The End All/Be All  – Sometimes businesses will enter into a relationship with design and  development  firms and either get burned in some way, shape, or form;

A website should never be something you don’t want for your business. It should also not be “purely informational” if you’re looking to the net to bring more money through the door. Your website should be another source of revenue, a way to streamline what you do for your clientèle to make any purchasing situation an easy one.

In any industry, the main focus is to generate revenue; and since that’s the case, maybe it’s time to offer a way for your customers to pay their invoices online quickly and securely? Or perhaps your potential buyer has questions about to what extent your services reach. Why not utilize a live chat  feature so they don’t even have to pick up a phone?

In recent years, we have noticed a huge amount of customers and new businesses are using their mobile  devices to find you. The mobile market is young, and it’s growing more and more each day. In fact, it’s projected that within the next 2 years, the smartphone demographic will reach 4 billion users. That’s almost half of the people on the entire globe that will be surfing by either tablet or phone. Does your website make it easy for these users to interact with your business on their device? What good is having a payment gateway  as a courtesy for your customers if they can’t effectively use it?

And what about the company that did such an amazing job on your website? Should they be expected to manage all of your social media  accounts, run your online advertising, do your SEO, host  your site, and design your business cards? Well… if that company is VND then the answer would be “Yes”, however not all companies are.




It used to be that you had one person design the website and develop it, another person run your SEO, another company to host your site, and another print shop to make your cards. In many regards, it is STILL this way. Why? Because a lot of firms specialize in being good at one or two  things. And recently, we’ve seen more and more web design companies pop up around us that ONLY do web design or ONLY do SEO. The fact of the matter is: you as a business owner don’t necessarily have time to keep up with 5 different invoices and support lines for this side of your business. We at VND , know that – which is why we have offered our services across the board, since day one. A vertically integrated company that handles everything about your website, mobile app, and billboard designs is the company that will free up your time to do things like…you know, run your business. So should your web-guys be expected to handle all aspects of driving business through your door online? Yes.


Will your website bring you that return you’re hoping for? Absolutely – if done correctly.

Would you hire someone who is not invested in making your business succeed? Neither would we.

Images courtesy of zuesmedia and guitargoa at sxc.hu

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