What do you know about Facebook Connect?

With the vast increase of social media web usage, VND is now implementing Facebook Connect enabled websites that allow for seamless interaction with the Facebook platform.

So what is Facebook Connect?

Facebook Connect is Facebook’s latest addition to its development platform. It enables developers to leverage the power of Facebook’s social context in existing, third-party Web sites.  The platform features seamless, one-click authentication, Facebook friend account linking, distribution back into Facebook streams, and the full power of the Facebook REST-like API and FQL. Utilizing Facebook Connect for authentication has proven to dramatically increase site exposure and new user registrations.

With the Facebook Connect APIs you gain access to:

– Identity: a user’s name and photos.

– Friends: data about a user’s friends.

– Distribution: all of the integration points within Facebook, like the stream stories and notifications.

– Integration: profile boxes, profile tabs, and publishers just like apps on Facebook.

Use these APIs to enable users to easily share your content and the actions users take on your site with their friends on Facebook. With more data about a user and their friends, you have the power to create a more social and engaging experience on your site.



Facebook Connect Developer Home

Windows Developer Center

– See more at: https://www.vndx.com/what-do-you-know-about-facebook-connect/#sthash.kJD9rgu3.dpuf

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