The Importance of Quality Over Everything Else

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It’s a point of contention when I speak with potential clients: The difference between a top-of-the-line website and that website that gets you “the most bang for your buck.” Not only is that conversation a difficult, awkward, and an often deal-breaking one, but it’s one that gets harder and harder to have as clients are saturated with more options. But the point I will always make to a potential client is an important one: “What kind of value does your brand hold for you?”

Your business or organization is your life blood. Numerous people I work with slave away 120+ hours a week trying to maintain the foundation of their business that drives sales, creates jobs, and delivers top-notch services and goods. Every hour spent towards the overall goal of becoming a successful entity in an ever-growing marketplace is done under the umbrella of a brand. That brand is how people will ultimately recognize your hard work and quality output. Since this is the case, it’s curious why anyone would want to short change their brand.

Whatever you make available for people to recognize your brand, whether it be your logo, business cards, website, or mobile app, are integral parts of your marketing. Since your brand is so important, it seems absurd to cut corners when establishing it. But more often than not, price will be the deciding factor for many people. And even worse–it shows. 

The next time you approach a firm to help you with any type of service to further your brand, consider this:

1. What value does this service add to your bottom line? 

We’re in the business of web design and technology. Our clients have a vested interest in their projects because we’re either building their actual product or service, or a way customers can access products and services. In terms of value, you have to think: “Is this what I’m asking for? Will their changes make a positive difference for me?” If the answer to those questions is “yes,” then chances are that firm is right for you.

2. Are you looking for something long-term or an immediate fix?

This is a huge point to consider. A good firm will create something for you that will transcend the innovations of the next few years because, typically, that firm will be the one creating those innovations. Quick fixes are better left to the guys capitalizing on what other people have already done.

3. What insight are you seeking?

You’re not only paying for your deliverables, but for the relationship as well. Any good firm or designer will guide you through the tough parts of the process, explain the methods behind their madnesses, and will provide a level of education and understanding.

If you can answer the above questions to your satisfaction, then chances are you’re in good hands. Price shouldn’t be something that holds you back from creating something amazing. After all, your brand is you. Treat it well. 

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