Social Media Campaigns: What Works, What Hurts

social media campaigns


Technology and automation have taken away a lot of the human interaction between business and consumers. It’s not a surprise that customers come and go without any hesitation to stay. Human interaction is an important element that’s now being phased out of business. But is this the best way to do business, particularly with your social media campaigns? 


Why your social media campaigns don’t work


The lack of human interaction means there is much more room for doubt and mistrust. You would assume that social media would encourage positive connections, but this isn’t automatically the case. The wondrous world of social media has helped increase the space between business and consumer, not bridge it.


How can this be you ask? Because companies are not using Social Media to communicate with their clients or prospective clients. They are not using it to learn about their audience and what their audience needs and wants from the services they provide. Companies are not using social media  to engage clients and consumers, they are using it to sell their business (products and services), not to learn to grow their business.


When your main focus is to sell yourself to build business, you miss out on the whole point of being social, which is to learn about the people who are interested in who you are and what you can offer. When you focus on the customers, and you cater to them, you inevitably create an environment that draws others in and will ultimately increase your engagement, your interest and your business.


Make your social media campaign work for you


If your question is now, how do I do this, how do I build a successful social media campaign that creates an engaging environment? Let Visual Net Design help you benefit from your presence on social media sites . Our team of marketing specialists have the experience to help you build and engage your audience, and guide you down the road to having a social media campaign success story. Give us a call before another post or share goes unnoticed.

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