5 Website Changes for Quick Results

5 Website Changes for Quick Results


We live in a 24-hour world. Left and right, the digital sphere puts a premium on speedy results for minimal work. Think about the ads you see online that say, “Get flatter abs NOW!!!” The tech era makes people look for ways to improve more for less investment.

We see a lot of website owners looking for ways to improve their website for immediate results. While the best websites take time and patience to build, there are some changes you can make for instant gratification. Here are 5 website changes for quick results.


1. Add calls to action

You have a website with decent traffic, but you aren’t getting leads. What’s wrong?


The leads aren’t coming in because they don’t know what to do. Are they supposed to fill out a contact form? Do they start a live chat with an agent? Do they call you directly?


Figure out how you want your leads to reach out to you and make it obvious. If your call to action asks viewers to call you, it shouldn’t be buried in a paragraph of text. Make your call to action loud, clickable, and irresistible. This usually takes the form of a colorful button with actionable language like “Get your free report now,” “Send me my free report,” and “Get a quote.” This makes the desired action very clear while increasing your engagement (and hopefully conversion) rate.


2. Do a split test

Experimenting isn’t just for scientists.


A split test is simply isolating two variables on your site to see which one performs better. For example, you could split test the call to action button on your contact forms to see which one people prefer. For some visitors, you can try the “Get a quote” call to action, while others get the “Contact us” call to action. For a split test to be successful, remember to isolate only one variable at a time. If you change your call to action and page layout all at once, it’s impossible to tell which change was responsible for your results.


Not sure how to get started with your split test? Luckily there are plenty of online resources to help you along the way. Talk to your website developer to set up a split test—or, you know, give VND a call.


3. Improve your SEO

Search engine optimization is a critical part of promoting your business online. If your website is doing well, you probably have decent SEO. However, search engines constantly change and SEO is an ongoing process. If you haven’t updated your meta descriptions in three years, it’s time for a change.


You can use online tools to check your website’s SEO health, like VND’s Free Site Analysis tool. Once you’ve identified issues, you can contact your SEO specialist to fix them. While this won’t be an immediate fix, good SEO will ensure that customers can find your site. The faster you find your errors, the faster you can get them fixed.


4. Add video

5 Website Changes for Quick Results

You don’t have to pay big bucks for a professional film crew. Smartphones can be used to film high-quality videos that you can regularly add to your site. Videos are no longer a luxury—they’re a necessity. Engagement rates on websites are highest when videos are included. They leave an immediate impression and convey a lot of information in a short amount of time.


5. Change your content

No one has perfect content. There’s always something you can improve for a better user experience and for better SEO. Does your site have too much or too little copy? Either of these can have a hefty toll on your site quality. Users don’t want to read a wall of text, but they also need to be able to get enough information. Be smart about what you include on your site. Be concise and clear; rewrite old content if you need to.


It’s not always a quick fix to get your site where you want it to be. However, there are a few quick steps you can take to make your site better. Once you take some time for a fast remedy, consider investing in long-term website improvement and growth. Give VND a call today to see how we can improve your site design and search presence at (210)-590-2734.

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